Fresh batch for Web development, Digital Marketing, Network security, IT security & Ethical Hacking starting from 8th September. Register now ...... Now we are providing online classes starting very soon

Training Highlights

1.Learn from home

Stay safe indoors

2.Certificate of Training

From BS & S group


No pre-requisite required

4.Build projects

For hands-on execution

5. Doubt Clearing

Through Q&A

6. 12weeks access Certificate

To the platform

7. Downloadable content

With lifetime access


Share with your executives

How will you receive the certificate?

After you wind up your course & complete the hands-on project you'll get the certificate that you can download & share with your executive & professional networks.

Why Choose This Course?

Manage database more effectively One of the mostly used software for data mining

Data manipulation on the go handle Large amount of data effortlessly

Connect and analyse data from multiple sources Grab a high paying job with the in-demand skill