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It Security & Ethical Hacking Course,
in Bhubaneswar

In the Field of Information security training program , the Information Security professional performs duties that are vitally important to the IT security of highly sensitive data. A cyber security or information security expert works to protect databases, websites and IT devices connected to the internet from malicious hack.
IT Security are the processes and methodologies, designed to protect vital print, electronic, or any other form of personal and sensitive information or data from unwanted or undesired access, use & misuse, disclosure, devastation, modification. Hacking is much exploited arena of information technology & security. It has now became a billion dollar industry. Hacking means indexing the weakness in the computer system or network or cracking the system to gain access. Ethical Hacking is the current buzz of the town. The Hackers can make your system data or any other private information go ashtray. Exactly why many and manifold companies across the globe several bucks on the security of their data. IT Security is a billion dollar industry with a career scope where sky is the limit.

it security

What do I learn?

  • How to set up a virtual hacking environment and perform real penetration testing attacks using different frameworks like browser exploitation framework etc.
  • Finding vulnerabilities and loopholes in a system and to fix them to enhance digital security of the system.
  • Protecting against various cyber attacks and frauds.
  • Hacking web-server, local networks, social networking accounts, online banking accounts, Wifi etc.


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IT Security is vital everywhere irrespective of technology and domain of the company and industries. So being a IT Security expert or an Ethical Hacker you got an ocean of opportunity when it comes to pursuing it as a career. It is a rewarding career option as a not only private and MNC’s but also Government agencies are desperately seeking Ethical Hackers and IT Security Experts.
   However like any other skill, perfection comes only with consistent practice. Your employability obviously depends on how verged you are practically and how updated you are with the trend. Being up to date is vital as hackers opt for various new ways to invade systems.
   So being a ethical hacker you need to think as good as them and if possible better than them HERE’S YOUR CHANCE!!!


Our It security and ethical hacking course and Internship are a unique program where students and young professionals from vivid backgrounds go through our updated and practical based syllabi vigorous training and development to cater the needs of the intern. This ultimately aims on training the person for real world situation and get hands-on opportunity in the industry. Interns are guided by highly experienced It security and ethical hacking faculties who will channelize the interns for a successful internship.