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How to install(windows) laravel and create a project?

Manoranjan Mandangi, Aug 10/2019

First you have to install xampp on your system , then the next process has to be followed….

Download and install a local server Xampp

Step 1.

Download Composer-Setup.exe & install

Step 2.

Set path to c:\xampp\php\php.exe

Step 3.

By typing composer in command prompt you can check if composer is installed or not.

To check if composer is installed or not open cmd prompt and type "composer"

Step 4.

Check either composer is successfully installed or not. Then type composer global require laravel/installer in command prompt to install laravel framework

Step 5.

To check either laravel is successfully installed or not.

Type in command prompt laravel

Step 6. Create Laravel Project

open cmd & set path to where you want to create the project using "cd" command prompt

Type composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel myproject

After project successfully created successfully, open control panel of xampp and start Apache and MySql

Step 7. Create Laravel Project

Go to command prompt

To run your project type command isphp artisan serve

Step 8.

To run the project open your browser and go to the link http://localhost:8000

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