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Surajeet Pratap Choudhury, Aug 10/2019

Within the last decade digital marketing has seen a boom, with plethora of organizations adopting the digital way of placing their product to their audience or customers. Digital Marketing is a strategy that helps to promote your services, products or brand in an online environment or digital media.


World has shrunk to a global village and the customers and sellers are just click apart.


With a higher rate of engagement Digital marketing stands out over its traditional counterpart which give a lot less scope for direct interaction with the customers.

Digital marketing channels

Social media like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Business networking sites like LinkedIn.

ads via emails.



Clickbait links for viral content.

In simple terms, it can be said that it helps in promoting everything that you offer to your potential customers, who are looking for your services using the internet.

Marketing trends usually revolve around the customer’s demands and it helps the organizations to reach out to mass audience through proper advertising. And this allows the companies to expand into global markets.

Traditional mode of marketing is the stock way of selling product and services but they are expensive out and out and time consuming as well.


Coming to digital marketing, the cost of promoting the same product or service to a wide array of audience, the expense is cut to almost 50% of what would have been incurred if it was to be promoted in the traditional method. Almost 83% of people look for online channels in order to buy a product or acquire an idea about the product before buying it. This drastic change in the trend of customers opting for digital channels for their demand has brought a boom in the world of digital marketing.


Ever got stumbled across a captivating advertisement while surfing online? Enticing at times, these advertisements are created by people just like you but with a knowledge gap of a digital marketing knowhow. The scope for Advertising a product over online channel is quite vast and really simple with av ailability of various predesigned custom templates. Templates designed by experts that combined with your creativity can bring about a sensation midst the potential customers.


Intro into Digital Marketing

Website Planning and Creation

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Marketing

Google Updates

Search Engine Marketing or Adwords Campaign

Email Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Web Analytics

Mobile Marketing

Content Marketing

Display Advertising


All of it seems quite a complicated & hefty but Spending on the buzz skill is entirely worth the puny effort with probably the best and highest ROI at the industry. And if you wish to commence your own organisation the ‘Voila’ you will save those extra bucks that could have been expended hiring a digital marketing bloke.

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