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Cracking windows login password without using any tool

Suvendu Rout, Aug 10/2019

What will you do when you forget you windows 7 login password? if you go for a service center there will you find lots of loss like money, data, and the most precious is your time. There are lots of methods to do this, either by using bootable usb pen drive, or some tools like Ophcrack, koonboot, window password recover and so on. What if you don’t have any tool or usb? so here is the trick you can follow which can save you a lot.

Steps To Crack Windows Password:

  1. First Shutdown Your Pc/Laptop.
  2. Now Open PC/Laptop and Shutdown immediately Before Windows Logo Fully Appear.
  3. Now Again start Your Pc/Laptop You Will See A Black Screen With 2 Options:
    Launch Startup Repair
    Start Windows Normally
  4. Select “Launch Startup Repair” If You Won’t See This Screen Don’t Worry Repeat Step 2 .
  5. Now You Will See a Black Screen And One Loading Process Please Wait 2-3 Minutes Or More Depending On Your Pc.
  6. Now You Will Se “Launch Startup Repair” Is Started Detecting Your Problems Please Wait It may Take 10-15 Minutes or More Depending On Your PC/Laptop.
  7. After Some Loading If Your Computer Ask To Restore Your System Just Click On cancel Then It Start Searching For Problems Again.
  8. After Some Loading If Your Computer Ask To Restore Your System Just Click On cancel Then It Start Searching For Problems Again.
  9. Now You Will See A Error Box i.e. “windows cannot repair your computer”
  10. Click on “view problem details”
  11. Scroll It Down And You Will See Some Internet Link And the last one is “X:\windows\system32\ txt”. Click on that Link.
  12. Now You Will See A Notepad And Then Click On File > Open
  13. Now You Will See My Computer In Small Dialog Box
  14. From There Navigate To C: Drive Or In Which You Installed Windows Mainly It C: Drive
  15. Then go to \windows\system32\
  16. And Then In Dialog Box Change File Type To All Files Locate A File Name “Utilman”And Rename Its Name To “Utilman1”
  17. Now find “Cmd” And copy paste in same directory and Rename It As “Utilman”.
  18. N.B.( you can also use sethc.exe, narrator.exe, magnify.exe, osk.exe here I’m using utilman.exe)
  19. Now Close Dialog Box And Click on Finish Startup Repair Now You Computer Will Reboot.
  20. Now Click On Easy of Access Button In Bottom Left Corner OF Screen Click On It You Will See A Command Prompt Window.

Type Net user username password Or u can type in this way also.
Net user
U will find a list of account.

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